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Tennessee Legislation Service

Need to know what's happening in the Tennessee state legislature daily — but don't have time to sift through mounds and mounds of General Assembly bills and calendars?

Let Tennessee Legislation Service do the work for you. Cover that impossibly high mountain of legislative information quickly, effectively, and in a way that fits the way you work. Whether you want to see printed reports or want to compile your own reports on the Web — Tennessee Legislation Service provides the tools to do your job more effectively.

Since 1981, Tennessee Legislation Service has been the #1 source of legislative information for lobbyists, attorneys, association executives, corporate government affairs executives, and government officials.

Our early warning service keeps you ahead of the General Assembly's decision-making process. You have time to act before a bill becomes a law.

As a regular full-service customer, you receive Daily Updates, a weekly Comprehensive Memo, and a weekly Calendar. You also get an ID and password for our Online Edition — at no extra charge!

TLS Print Service

  • Daily Updates - Each morning's Daily Update gives you the information you need to act quickly:
    • When legislators introduce 300 new bills on Monday, your Tuesday Update summarizes them — and arranges them by subject with accurate descriptions that allow you to scan rapidly through the summaries to find the bills that concern you.
    • When the session gets hectic, you don't have to sift through hundreds of actions buried in dozens of floor reports, committee reports, and — maybe — subcommittee reports. Your Daily Update tracks all the actions from the previous day, describes them in real terms, and organizes it all by subject. It even includes summaries of new amendments.
    • The Update also includes new calendar information supplementing the weekly Calendar — so you're not blind-sided by rapidly changing events.
  • Comprehensive Memo
    • On Friday, we fold all that information into a comprehensive report that gives a summary and current status on every bill in the General Assembly. It's arranged by subject so you can find bills quickly.
  • Weekly Calendar
    • You also receive a Calendar that includes all Senate and House floor sessions, committees, and subcommittees. The Calendar includes summaries of each bill on the calendar, along with its status in the other chamber and how it's been amended.
  • Delivery Your Way - We deliver your reports just about any way you want them:
    • If you're located downtown, our messenger will have the Daily Update to you by about 8 o'clock each morning.
    • You can pick up your copy at the Legislative Plaza on your way to your first committee.
    • Out-of-town subscribers receive copies by first-class mail. For an additional fee, we'll fax it to you or deliver it by overnight express.
    • You can also get the Daily Update and Calendars by e-mail — or download them from our web site.
    • Comprehensive Memos and Calendars are mailed at the end of each legislative week.

TLS Online

The Online edition of the Tennessee Legislation Service is the fastest, easiest, and most complete way to stay on top of the General Assembly. It's available on the World Wide Web.

  • Search the database to find the bills you need to watch. You can conduct word searches on the full bill text, our descriptions, amendments — or all of the above. You can also retrieve bills by bill number, public chapter number, TCA section, sponsor, or action date.
  • Need to see exactly what a bill says? The full text is just a click away. Look at it online or print it out — along with full text of amendments and public chapters.
  • Need to generate your own weekly report? Store your own list of bills or your own standard word search, so you can print out a custom report in seconds — and save hours.
  • Generate personal calendars that list only the bills you're following, or highlight the bills you're following on the full agenda.
  • Check the status of bills on your own schedule — during the day, after hours, before hours.
  • Need to find something unusual — like a caption bill covering a particular code section? Find it in seconds in our database. Don't know how? Give us a call. We'll walk you through it.
  • Search for Attorney General Opinions on legislation.
  • Download or print out online versions of Daily Updates and Calendars.

ORDER TODAY! Call (800) 274-6774.

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