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Tennessee Government Officials Directory

Your All-Inclusive Guide to Tennessee State and Local Officials

If immediate access to key Tennessee state and local officials is important to the way you do business, put Tennessee Government Officials Directory to work for you. It's designed for people who have better things to do than deal with red tape.

With the Directory, you have at your fingertips the most up-to-date information available on more than 10,000 Tennessee government officials, including:

  • General Assembly members
  • State executive department officials
  • Federal and regional officials
  • Tennessee members of Congress and their staffs
  • County and circuit court clerks
  • Election Commission administrators
  • Board of county commissioners
  • Mayors
  • Police chiefs
  • Planning commission officials
  • Codes enforcement officers
  • Public works directors

In addition, you get information about:

  • Chambers of commerce
  • Tennessee colleges and universities and their administrators
  • Business and professional associations
  • Individual lobbyists and the interests they represent
  • Political parties
  • The Capitol Hill press corps
  • Tennessee newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations

Bonus Offer:
When you purchase four or more copies of Tennessee Government Officials Directory, you get access to the all-new online edition. The Online Directory is updated continuously and makes finding contact information even easier.

If they're in Tennessee government, they're in Tennessee Government Officials Directory.

Order the Tennessee Government Officials Directory for just $102. Please call our Customer Service Department at 615-373-7517 or 877-826-5297 for information about multiple copy discounts.

Annual Renewal Program
You'll receive an annual Pre-Publication Discount Statement to reserve copies of the upcoming Directory. You can:
1. Mail it back with payment to reserve the appropriate number of copies at the pre-publication discount rate, or,
2. Alter the number of copies reserved for you, and mail it back with payment, or,
3. Write cancel and mail it back in the supplied postage-paid envelope.
This Annual Renewal Program ensures that you always have the most up-to-date directory at the pre-publication discount.