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Tennessee Attorneys Directory
Your 2009 directory is now available!

The Comprehensive Reference Source for Your Tennessee Law Practice

With over 13,000 individual listings of Tennessee attorneys, the 2009 Tennessee Attorneys Directory will quickly become the most convenient reference source your Tennessee law office will ever use. Here's why it's the Tennessee legal community's #1 reference source. You get:

  • A listing by city and county of the name, address, phone number, fax number, firm affiliation and Board of Professional Responsibility number for every Tennessee attorney;
  • A statewide alphabetical listing of all Tennessee firms specifying all firm members;
  • Tennessee paralegals and legal secretaries;
  • Federal, state and local judges;
  • State and district attorneys general and their assistants;
  • Court clerks, court reporters and other government officials.
  • BONUS: When you purchase a copy of your 2009 Tennessee Attorneys Directory for at least half of the attorneys in your firm, you get access to the all-new online edition. Continuously updated, the online Directory makes finding contact information even faster and easier!

If you're using an older copy of the Tennessee Attorneys Directory and think you don't need the new edition, consider that since last year's Tennessee Attorneys Directory was published . . .
  • Thousands of crucial pieces of contact information on Tennessee attorneys, law firms, and other legal contacts have changed. This includes phone numbers, fax numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses, and more. Only the new edition is fully updated!
  • Hundreds more than in last year's edition.
  • Hundreds of web site addresses are now listed in the new edition.

Designed by attorneys specifically for you, the 2009 Tennessee Attorneys Directory provides the information you need every day. You won't find a more current or complete listing - every one of the Directory's over 13,000 attorney listings has been checked with each lawyer or law firm.

New! Choose from 3-ring or hardbound formats!

Order the 2009 Tennessee Attorneys Directory before October 29 for just $102.

Your new edition comes in your choice of 3-ring or hardbound formats. For multiple copy discounts, call our Customer Service Department at 615-373-7517 (or toll-free 800-274-6774).

Annual Renewal Program
You'll receive an annual Pre-Publication Discount Statement to reserve copies of the upcoming Directory. You can:
1. Mail it back with payment to reserve the appropriate number of copies at the pre-publication discount rate, or,
2. Alter the number of copies reserved for you, and mail it back with payment, or,
3. Write cancel and mail it back in the supplied postage-paid envelope.
This Annual Renewal Program ensures that you always have the most up-to-date directory at the pre-publication discount.